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Kitchen Remodel Wichita

E (short for Eric) spent over a decade focused on building extreme kitchens in Wichita, KS. His projects have even been featured on the DIY Network. Part of what sets Eric apart from other kitchen remodelers is his ability to provide AFFORDABLE alternatives. As a rental property owner himself, he knows how to update a kitchen on a tight budget. He focuses on increasing property value without breaking your budget. Rental property owners find the updating process for their properties easy and FINANCIALLY REWARDING.  Handyman Wichita KS offers FREE Quotes on Kitchen Remodels for homeowners or rental property owners. 

Wichita Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Eric is professional and excellent at communication. He started doing full custom homes in 1994. He naturally progressed to room additions, and some of Wichita’s most elaborate kitchens and baths.

This doesn’t mean that your project is too small for Eric. In fact, by 2002, Eric was known for his ability to stretch a budget further than any other contractor without sacrificing the details. Most of his kitchens and baths include real stone and granite counter tops. He also has been removing bearing walls and opening up kitchens for over a decade.

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