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Garage door repair wichita ks

Garage Door Repair Wichita Ks

Eric has been repairing garage doors in Wichita the past decade. He is quick to respond to calls, and very affordable. There are 2 main parts to a garage door. They include the door itself and the garage door opener. Your overhead garage doors, may roll up in sections or they may swing up in 1 piece and operate on what’s called: spring tension. This means, the door moves on a metal track on the garage walls and a heavy spring (or springs, in some cases) provide the power. In most cases when the garage door doesn’t work, it’s a fairly simple repair. – Garage Door Repair Wichita Ks



Garage Door Repair Wichita Ks

Garage Door Repair Wichita Ks

 3 Step Installation! Garage Door Repair Wichita Ks

You can follow these steps and save yourself a few hundred dollars, but if you don’t have the time, tools OR patience, please give Eric a call.  He ALWAYS appreciates the business! – Garage Door Repair Wichita Ks

Step 1: Remove the old door opener.  This may be a two person job.

Disconnect your sensors and then loosen the bolts by holding the motor to the bracket. Have a second set of hands disconnects the hardware at the garage door. Next, remove the bolts. As a team, lower the assembly together. Remove all old brackets. Clear a space in the garage making room for your new unit. Lay out all the pieces, screws and hardware. Follow each step methodically. Shortcuts are not worth it!

Step 2: Align the track. (Wichita Garage Door Repair)

You will want to attach the front of the track to the bracket. Rest the motor on the top of a stepladder. Eyeball (that’s always easy) the track. Make sure it’s at a 90 degree angle to your garage door.

Step 3: Secure the Motor and Install the Sensors

Now that you’re aligned, attach metal hanging straps to motor. Secure the other end of straps to the ceiling joists. Secure the track and opener arm at the garage door. Install motion sensors about 4″-6″above ground level. Connect the wiring for the sensors and switch. Plug in the opener and test the machine. – Hope you enjoyed these tips from Garage Door Repair Wichita Ks and Eric!

Garage Door Repair Wichita KS

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