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With almost 100 tornadoes in our area on Sunday, E has had a busy handyman Wichita KS week. We are so happy that injuries were at a minimal. We must have had angels looking down on us, we hope all your families made it through the storms safely and with minimal home damage.

The first handyman Wichita phone calls came from fences down in the Andover area after the storms. They were followed by numerous deck and fence repair requests from South Wichita. E works for many rental property managers and the phone calls continue to pour in today.

While the storms bring much needed work for the best handyman in Wichita, E will certainly be providing affordable estimates even though the demand for his craft is at an all time high for 2012. E says that EVEN if you fix only the items that are in emergency repair state, he will be giving you his best numbers.

Lots of Wichita roofs were damaged from the storms. E grew with Mike Heiland of Heiland Roofing. Often E refers the smaller Wichita roof repairs to Mike’s younger brother who has been working side by side with Mike since he was a young teen. If you would like to get in touch with either Heiland for a roofing repair Wichita, E can make sure your Wichita roofing estimate gets top priority supervision during the next few months of Wichita roofing repair chaos.

A reminder, E starts the Wichita handyman remodel on Shorty Smalls this week. He’ll be on the night shift with an accomplished Wichita tile repair team. He lined up some industrial fans to speed up the grout drying process so they can continue to work through the evenings.

Please do not hesitate to call E with your Wichita Handyman repairs. 316-393-6935 ask for E

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Eric Volkmann is Wichita's Go-to Handyman.
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