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They say E can shoot a fly in the air with a penny nail gun, and I believe it! Known as the Handyman Wichita, E has been in the Wichita KS Remodeling for… well as long as he can remember!

This Handyman in Wichita KS has a passion for Wichita Remodeling! He grew up doing woodwork with Grandpa and father. E jokes that his Wichita Remodeling career may have started with his first cedar chest he built. Sure it was just a box, put it was PERFECT!

E started doing handyman Wichita KS projects as a young teenager. It may have been a simple door that was stuck, or even a fence that had blown down, but he found it rewarding. “You get to tinker with things until it works! Many times a customer thinks a window can be salvaged… nothing a little new caulikng and trim won’t fix sometimes,” says the Wichita Handyman!

Handyman Wichita Ks expert, e, says his pricing is ALWAYS based on a complete project! He found that while one handyman Wichita Ks may make his living by charging by the hour, E says it does not exactly get the job done efficiently for his Wichita KS Remodeling customer.

You will find this Wichita Handyman thorough, professional and timely. He has worked with many of the same corporations, apartment managers, and homeowners over the years. If you are not 100% satisfied with this handyman Wichita KS, he will work until you are. There is no rest for E… the Wichita Handyman that always delivers. 🙂

Services: basement finish Wichita ks, cabinets Wichita ks, carpentry Wichita ks, handyman Wichita Ks, remodeling Wichita ks, tile work Wichita ks, and other Wichita Remodeling projects for the Wichita Handyman.

Eric Volkmann (316)393-6935
Eric Volkmann is Wichita's Go-to Handyman.
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