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Well E is off on another handyman Wichita Ks project. He started off wearing his apartment handyman repairs hat. He is in charge of several Wichita apartment complexes. After lunch, he will be moving on to a basement framing job in East Wichita next. Apparently the homeowner has 2 dogs crated in the basement. They have been keeping E company during the framing job.

I tease E about being the energizer bunny of handyman Wichita repairs. He just goes and goes until he can’t stand anymore. E came home Friday night after a fence repair on the West side of Wichita. He was tired from the week in general. The Easter weekend would be reserved for some rest so he could dive back into the work week.

He will be preparing his body for an upcoming job at Shorty Small’s next week. Preparing his body? You’ll understand my statement in a moment. E has always been an early riser which is ideal for a Wichita handyman. I think it is the quiet the home offers in the mornings. A cup a coffee, some time to read his emails without interruptions… time to organize his thoughts for the day. Starting next Monday, E will be trading his day job for the night shift. Yikes!

Shorty Small’s on the west side of Wichita is remodeling. One of their final steps in completing their new look is  updating the tile in the working kitchen. As we all know the show must go on, so remodeling the floor must be done when the kitchen sleeps. He will have a few talented helping hands to lay the Wichita tile floor in a timely manner. I hope you get a chance to dine at Shorty Small’s and see his work.

E said to tell  you all, “Thank you for your support!” He does appreciate the many customers that continue to use his Wichita handyman services. I am not the only one that knows E is the best handyman in Wichita, Ks. 

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Eric Volkmann is Wichita's Go-to Handyman.
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