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Imagine Having a Wichita Property Management and Maintenance Man on Speed Dial!



Meet Eric at Wichita Property Management

Eric has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry. He offers reliable, competitive rental repair service to property managers and commercial maintenance to several large chains within the Wichita area. His long list of satisfied customers are a testament to his quality repair and remodeling services.

When you leave town, does a tenant call the minute you start to relax on your vacation?

Who takes care of your tenants when you’re gone?

What about updating your kitchen or bathrooms between tenants? Do you have an expert that is affordable and prompt between leases?

Do you have a licensed plumber, electrician, and HVAC repairman at your fingertips for emergencies?

Are you in a position to drop everything for EMERGENCY tenant needs?

Do you just want your phone to STOP ringing so you can get back your life?

Make Your Rentals Profitable!

Because Eric has been a landlord in Wichita for over 2 decades, you will find his Property Management Wichita KS services and expertise essential to running your properties. 

Make your rentals profitable! You collect the rent and keep 100% of it every month. Hire Eric only when you need him for Wichita rental repairs. Realistically, every landlord needs a right hand man. Make yours Eric… it’s the BEST decision you can make for your Rental Property Management Wichita KS.  Hourly discounts on repairs are available to landlords with 2 or more rental properties. (See below)

Free Online Estimates

Free online estimates are available with every repair request form that includes detailed information and/or photo. On site estimates within the Wichita area may be billed in 30 minute increments to cover travel time. Hourly discounts (as provided below) can be taken by paying the repair invoice within 3 business days.

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Commercial Maintenance Wichita

Eric grew up in the Wichita Property Management business. He owns several rentals and works for some of the largest chains in Wichita assisting with their Wichita commercial maintenance. He was contracted to organize a specialty project for Wichita’s newest Whole Foods in August of 2014. Eric went up and beyond normal working hours to get the project complete for opening day. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, skilled property manager, you’ll find Eric’s credentials in all aspects of construction to be a perfect match for your Commercial Maintenance.

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Eric Volkmann is Wichita's Go-to Handyman.
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