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Handyman Wichita KS

With almost 100 tornadoes in our area on Sunday, E has had a busy handyman Wichita KS week. We are so happy that injuries were at a minimal. We must have had angels looking down on us, we hope all your families made it through the storms safely and with minimal home...

Handyman Wichita KS

Well E is off on another handyman Wichita Ks project. He started off wearing his apartment handyman repairs hat. He is in charge of several Wichita apartment complexes. After lunch, he will be moving on to a basement framing job in East Wichita next. Apparently the...

Meet E, short for Eric

Handyman Wichita, KS No, he doesn’t wear a green lizard costume to your home, however his 2 boys think that sounds like a cool idea for their dad. He looks like your average guy with a few inches added. E is a towering 6’5″! He grew up building...
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Eric Volkmann is Wichita's Go-to Handyman.
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