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Most of the work is preformed by Eric Volkmann. Eric is focused on the most cost effective methods for your rental repairs. Eliminating the middle man and handing all your repair requests to a qualified contractor will save you money, time and a lot of common headaches associated with owning rental properties.

No Monthly Management Fees! Licensed and Insured.

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Handyman Wichita KS, Eric, lives in Wichita. He has been remodeling homes and providing Wichita Property Management for over 2 decades.

Wichita Property Management repairs and emergency repair services for large or small Wichita Property Management.

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Handyman Wichita KS, is owned by local home repair expert, Eric Volkmann. He has over 25 years experience in property management, remodeling and handyman services. Eric specializes in budget kitchen and bath updates Property Management Wichita. Whether you need a deck, garage door or fence repaired, Handyman Wichita KS provides the most professional, trusted handyman services in the Greater Wichita area.

Garage Door Repairs

Wichita Property Management Repair Services by Eric Volkmann include Garage Door Repairs.

Wichita Property Management Window Repairs

Window Repairs

Wichita Property Management Repair Services by Eric Volkmann include Window Repairs.

Wichita Property Management Repairs

Deck and Fence Repairs

Wichita Property Management Repair Services by Eric Volkmann include Deck and Fence Repairs.

Professional Handyman for Wichita Property Management

Handyman Wichita KS Provides Wichita Property Management

Wichita Property Management is a growing trend. Eric Volkmann, owner of Handyman Wichita KS, owns several rental properties in the Greater Wichita area. Over the last few decades, we have seen an increase in rental property owners as a viable retirement plan for ambitious investors. More and more people find themselves investing in real estate.

Handling the Financial Pressures of Wichita Property Management

For most rental property owners, after taking the investment leap, you quickly figure out your projected monthly net is hard to accomplish some months. Vacancies and rental repairs quickly eat away at the bottom line. Wichita Property Management fees leave little wiggle room for emergency home repairs. The dream starts feeling more like a financial nightmare.

Wichita Property Management Solutions:

Focus on your net profit by staying ahead of rental property repairs. Whenever possible, make a list of  necessary repairs

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