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Garage door repair wichita ks

Window Repair Wichita Ks: Cracks in the window sill show signs of neglect in this home. Have E give you an estimate on getting your home repairs up to par. In the long run, you will avoid a much larger problem, and E will save you money! Call E Today at 316-393-6935.

Window Repair Wichita KS

Window Repair Wichita KS: Here E is re-caulking a homeowner’s window. It is important that you re-caulk your windows once a year to avoid costly damage. Protect your most important¬†asset. Call E today at 316-393-6935.

BEFORE: Wichita Window Repair

This Wichita Window Repair shows extreme rot on the window sill before E does the repair.

This is the Window Repair Wichita, KS after E has replaced the rotten window sill.

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